19h50 July 23, 92

Today I hit 5,000 km!

I am finally warm and dry now. It was so wet again today and I froze.

It was really tough going today and was only making about 10 km/hr for most of the 135 km. The only highlight of the cycling was that after killing myself going steep uphill for a very long time - and I couldn't see anything it was so foggy - and then right in front of me opened up this huge mountain peak complete with snow that broke through the clouds. I am really high up! It was quite beautiful. Then back to freezing. So much for enjoying the downhill!

I ate dinner in a Chinese restaurant - they had a MasterCard sign in the window!! I think it cost almost $60 but it was so good to eat. I probably needed it too. I was dreading eating just bread again. Back to bread tomorrow but now I am full now. They let me bring my bike inside and I laid out my wet clothes to dry. They were so nice.

Oh and bad news, a broken spoke on that stupid wheel again. And it's on the side that I can't fix.

July 24, 92

My first boring day. I take the day off and am in my tent trying to stay warm and dry. I don't know why I don't have more energy! Especially after eating last night. But I'm hoping that my stuff will somehow dry in here and be good for tomorrow. I'm going to write some letters.

19h30 July 25, 92

This morning I backtracked about 10 km to Storslett to fix my spoke. That took till 13h30. I did it myself but the wheel is not true. The guy said the only way to make it better is to put it on a machine, but he didn't have one. It feels funny.

So I went about 100 km today. My legs feel great. I would like to do 140 km tomorrow to get to Andselv and phone mom. I am thinking of asking for more money as I am already tired of only eating bread today. I also want to stay in a hostel to get dry and clean up. I really smell. I would love a raincoat too!!

The fjords look nice today, you could even see the mountains. It has been too foggy to see anything at all really.

135 n.jpg
21h30 July 26, 92

What a day.

It was sunny at least. I got things dried out! The morning was really beautiful with the fog and the mountains. I splurged today at the store. I bought 500g of chocolate with the bread and blew a few days budget. I decided that maybe the reason I'm so slow right now is because of my diet and that I need more energy. I saw a place along the road to stop for dinner that had umbrella tables and started eating my bread and chocolate. When the guys beside me left they left a box and a half of french fries. I grabbed them. I don't know what everyone else thought but I was so hungry. I really enjoyed those fries too! That was when I started questioning another 3 weeks of cycling. My money was pretty well gone. How far could I go on a loaf of bread a day any ways? My legs are already heavy and I'm probably anaemic too.

I stopped at a youth hostel and asked if they took MasterCard - no. I phoned mom and Aunty Fran from there. After talking with them I decided it would be a good idea to go back this time. That is ok as I was just kind of cycling on now any ways.

I asked the girl if I could take a shower and she ended up letting me stay there for the night for free! Wow, I feel incredible now, and so clean! I left the blanket at the hostel as well. It was too wet to do me any good now any ways and way too heavy.

So I decided to change my plans and cycle to the Lofoten Islands and then take transit back to Berlin from Bodø. I thought it would take 5 or 6 more days (about 500 km more). Mom said I have three to get there. Well, that's enough. I can always do another trip.

18h45 July 27, 92

Well, for the first time I give a big two thumbs up for our modern way of life. I am staying in a little ski chalet that takes MasterCard! It was freezing rain and hail all day and when I saw the sign I didn't care about the cost. I had an awesome dinner too (thank you MasterCard), lamb with lots of potatoes.

I am way too cold to consider this adventure fun anymore. I need proper gear and equipment. Without any raingear this is just stupid. I can barely use my hands to hold the knife and fork with.

There is another youth hostel 135 km away on Lofoten and then 275 km to the ferry. I could make that tomorrow or Narvik is only 50 km away. Humm, I'm so close. As I am warm and cozy I am thinking about just going to Narvik and getting on a train. You can't see anything in this weather anyways. I would like to see Lofoten but it may not be worth it. This is getting ridiculous.

It is so nice being in this cabin. I have it all to myself. Next vacation I will have some backup money. I'm watching the weather forecast waiting for them to show more Olympic coverage. The weather shows thunder and hail over the entire north with the high getting up to 11C in Narvic. Great, now the picture is showing snow. Gee, I hope that isn't for tomorrow.

My clothes are just dripping wet. It's great being so cozy and warm. My hair feels so nice too. My toes look like they are permanently waterlogged. Oh well, now just to get my hands moving.

9h00 July 28, 92

I'm watching the Olympics in my beautiful room and am not leaving until check out time. I just had breakfast here. There was so much food (buffet). I brought back as much as I dared to my room to eat later and I'm hoping it will be enough for the day.

I'll just relax here for a while and then head to Narvik. Oh well, I've seen lots any ways. I've gotten weak after staying in this nice place. That's what a warm bed, food and dry clothes will do to you!

23h30 July 28, 92

Well, I made the turn to the islands, it just was too tempting. It was all downhill to the turnoff so I wasn't tired and was warm as it had stopped raining by the time I had to leave at 1pm. I managed to eat a big lunch as well before I left so I was feeling great! (Someone had left a burger and fries on a picnic table and I felt so embarrassed taking it, but I'm glad I did!!)

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