20h00 July 30, 92

I'm on the ocean on the Princess Ragnhild, just south of Helsinki on my way to Kiel.

I have just eaten a huge dinner, buffet, it was incredible. After I get to Germany I don't know when I'll be able to eat again so I'm taking advantage of the food here! I think I'm still running on a deficit from Finland. There I only had bread every day but sometimes I had honey as well.

Yesterday after breakfast I only went 35 km before I was dead tired. I thought about getting on the bus right then. I decided I was being a wimp so I kept going and hoped it would go away. When I got to the ferry I met a family from Austria and they offered to drive me to the next town which was 30 km. I accepted gratefully. They ended up driving me 100 km to an airport. The next plane for Helsinki was leaving in an hour and they took MasterCard. I was on it.

Lofoten was pretty much a write off any ways. It was so cloudy and foggy that I couldn't see anything any ways. I also needed a couple days rest for my legs and didn't have the money to do that, at least not somewhere warm and dry.

I arrived in Helsinki at 9:30 pm and phoned all the youth hostels but they were all booked. A woman overheard me on the phone and said I could camp in her yard. She turned out to be really cool. She ended up inviting me into her house and she made me breakfast too!

The following morning I looked around Helsinki a bit and then got on the ferry. It was more like what I'd imagine a cruise ship to be. I even had a room all to myself. Two thumbs up for the food as well!! I finally got to eat reindeer.

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