9h00 June 29, 92

So that is the trip!

Daniel is off to Helsinki and from there he plans to go to Cape North and then down through Sweden, Norway, Denmark and back to Germany. (I didn't know until I returned home but he quit the trip at Nordkapp because of the weather and took a train back to France.)

We talked about going on together and I would like to continue cycling but besides needing a new bike I don't think we could stand each other for much longer. Well, maybe it would, we have the "wrinkles" ironed out but he has such a temper.

I have learned a lot about myself. Physically I'm tougher than I thought. I survived the burn from the river, the mosquitoes, diarrhoea from the water in Warsaw (which I still haven't gotten rid of yet!) and the elements, wind, rain and heat, and was able to keep up! Actually it wasn't too bad.

So if I stay in Tallinn maybe I could find a job here. It sure is nice here. Beautiful like Prague, but on a smaller scale. Boy do my cycling shorts stink! I am going to wash them now!

The church bells are ringing, it's 9am. I love the bells.

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