Tallinn still

June 30, 92

Alexander is a guy I met who found me a place to stay and is showing me around town. He is lots of fun and everyone is friendly here too. I am waiting for him right now as we are going to the swimming pool.

Today he took me on the French ship, Le Henniff, that is docked here. It was ok, we had fun.

Right outside my window a band is playing My Way. This city is so beautiful. The swimming pool is at the docks and it is very pretty there. I'm going to wait outside and listen to the music.

July 1, 92


I would really love to keep cycling! Maybe I will meet someone who is going to Nordkapp that I would be able to join up with. But then I need a tent and a new bike as well.

July 2, 92

Today is Brent's birthday (my brother). Happy Birthday Brent.

Well, I'm waiting to see what happens. I really would like to keep going. Russia would be way too cool but I don't have the equipment nor the visa. Maybe another time. I was talking with a local person about doing it and they said the roads wouldn't be good for a bike but that I could probably trade my bike for a horse and travel that way. After thinking about that for a while I decided that I wouldn't want to chance having the horse die on me but that when I went home I would learn to ride and take care of them so I could do a long trip on horseback. That sounds very appealing.

I wish I could keep cycling...

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